River of Life – practice midi recordings

Hello fabulous Elora Festival players – sending my utmost gratitude for your unbelievable patience and for the tremendous talents that you bring to this premiere.

Here are practice midi recordings for those who would like to use them and also scores for those who would like to mark in additional cues. Clink on the titles to view score PDF’s. If you want to view the score and listen to the midi, then control-click the PDF to open in a new tab or window. Then play the midi recording.

I Headwaters (orchestra only)

Headwaters (part II) All Through Eternity ATTACCA (orchestra & choir)

II Tributaries – Love the life giving garden (orchestra & choir)

III Whenever Beauty Looks (orchestra & choir)

VI Beati Mundo Corde (orcheatra & choir)
RiverofLife – BeatiMundoCorde(fullscore)

V Symbol of Promise (orchestra & choir)

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