Happy Valentines Day

This is Vilupti’s special valentines day page made by her sweet lover…

Happy Valentines day my sweet lover… I miss you every day. I made a video of the Galiano Song for you. Then you can watch it when you are missing me and it will make you miss me more :))

You can also use it to sing along and practice your part (VERY IMPORTANT)

p.s. don’t pay any attention to the mess in the background.

..now, here’s another sweet song about us…

…and here is a video of the old shoe song (and then you calling me in the early hours of the morning in my office at the University of Waterloo)

…and then here is a lovie dovie video of me singing to you (with Seema trying to get in on the action).

Hope you like your Valentines Day special web page 🙂

Love you, Love you, Love you!