Sounding Thunder: the Song of Francis Pegahmagabow showed how collaboration should be done, and how successful the results can be when respect and listening are woven into the creative fabric.” (Natasha Gauthier, Artsfile, August, 2018)

“Truth and Reconciliation may not seem like a natural fit with the musical stage. But on Monday night, a crack team of artists from Parry Sound proved that some challenges are worth overcoming. . . The piece, mixing music, song, spoken word and video projections, is called Sounding Thunder: The Song of Francis Pegahmagabow. The text was written by Ojibwe poet and Queen’s University professor Armand Garnet Ruffo. The instrumental music was composed by Timothy Corlis . . . This three- act show is about 80 minutes long. It is worth every one of those minutes of attention, thanks to a tight book and score, and the full engagement of everyone onstage.” (John Terauds, Toronto Star, July, 2018)