Welcome and thank-you for visiting

This site offers an opportunity to experience some of my artistic work, both as a choral director and as a composer. My hope is that it might lead to meaningful experiences: initially, through moments of contemplation in listening. The recorded music is presented openly and freely. To experience these works fully, I would encourage patient listening. Many of them are long and deliver their full emotional impact when heard from start to finish.

I am deeply grateful to the many performers and artists whose work is presented here. Each recording captures a unique experience, some are live performances from significant concerts, some are studio recordings, and some are from commercially released CD’s.

In time, I see this project growing and drawing its nourishment from ongoing collaborations across disciplines and cultures, with a wide diversity of performers and composers, with all sorts of choirs and instrumental performing ensembles, with artists and sculptors, with writers and philosophers, and with members of the public.

If you feel so moved, I invite you to read some of the program notes – then breathe deeply, close your eyes, and listen.

Timothy Corlis