Ave Verum – Toronto Mendelssohn Choir

I just received a recording from the premiere of “God So Loved the World” – Toronto Mendelssohn Choir performance, Good Friday, March, 2013. I love the way this excerpt shows the richness of the sound of the choir. Eighty accomplished singers in one choir. Each section has it’s own very unique character – clarity of tone in the sopranos, warmth in the altos, the tenors float effortlessly, and the basses give a resonance and depth – the overall blend is remarkable. I feel very fortunate to have worked with the TMC and Noel Edison for this event.

Listen to the recording.

This recording is an excerpt from the 20 minute work – Movement V in the seven last words of Christ. The text is, “Sitio” or “I thirst.” Traditionally, composers have often represented the word “thirst” with a more elaborate text. In this case, I chose the Ave Verum Corpus.


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