Vancouver Peace Choir – Honour Songs

I’m very proud of the work that the Vancouver Peace Choir did in their most recent concert – Honour Songs. Kirsten Wood deserves a HUGE thank-you for sharing her creativity and heart with us. I feel a deep sense of gratitude and privilege for being able to share in this celebration of Kirsten’s Cree culture… a true experience of two cultures standing proudly side-by-side in mutual respect. Thank-you to Russell Wallace and friends for the Coast Salish Welcome and the acknowledgement that your territory is still unceded – we appreciate your warmth and hospitality. Thank-you Kirsten, to Cris Derksen and especially, thanks to your Uncle Randy for enriching our lives. Listen to Randy Wood perform the Rumble, one of the songs Kirsten arranged for our program.

THANK-YOU to each member of VPC for sharing this experience!

Vancouver Peace Choir with Randy Wood honour songs concert May 25, 2013



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